Sunday, March 20, 2011

Introduction, and some tasty tunes

This blog is nice and simple, i'll update it regularly with the best dubstep on the web. i may occosionally have polls on favorite artists or songs, or something like that, but mostly just lots and lots of delicious dubstep.
so lets get started with the music, i'll post a variety, let me know which ones you like, and which you don't.
to start it off, a song for people who love just absolutely FILTHY drops. probably one of the gnarliest drops i've heard. if you don't like screamo and or dirty dubstep don't watch.

another pretty filthy song.
and this last one is one of the first dubstep songs i ever heard, and also one of my favorites.

hope you enjoyed. be sure to leave feedback, and check back for more music.

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